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fenton, mi


See what makes CrossFit Tuebor a community favorite!

"I have about a 30-minute drive to get to Tuebor and I pass a lot of gyms to get there."
-Jamie C.

"This gym has an awesome atmosphere. Everyone here is friendly and supportive with not only the exercises, but life as well!"
-Sarah C.

"The best CrossFit gym in Fenton and surrounding area!  I have been to a few gyms and the quality of the coaching and programming here is fantastic.  Aside from the coaches and the workouts, the facility is top notch and the atmosphere is very special.  It is the most friendly and welcoming communities that I've been around - once you walk through these doors you will understand that it is a very special place! :)   I am so happy and thankful that I found CrossFit Tuebor!"
-Alexa H.

"This gym is a second home. The coaches and members welcome people with open arms! Wouldn’t be who I am without this place."
-Karlee T.

"Tuebor has changed my life. I fought to join for as long as I could because I had a misconception about CrossFit. But I admit, I was wrong. There are gyms closer to home, but those gyms don’t provide the same environment as Tuebor. Tuebor really is a family atmosphere, with the absolute BEST owners, coaches, and athletes around!"
-Matt G.

"Tuebor is more than just a gym. It really is a community. Consistently following the workouts has greatly improved my fitness but more than that I have found a tribe of inspiring, supportive, and awesome people that I look forward to working out with."
-Jamie JC.

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