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Do I need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

Definitely not! We have people of all fitness levels in the gym. For some, CrossFit is their first exposure to any sort of exercise. We adjust the workouts to your current fitness level to keep you safe and moving.

I heard CrossFit is dangerous. Will I get hurt?

There is risk of injury involved in any sort of physical activity. However, our classes are led by specially trained coaches from start to finish to help ensure you are moving correctly and safely. It is our job to help you adjust the workout to keep you safe and to correct your movement if something is out of place.

I saw the CrossFit Games on TV. Is that what a class is like?

The CrossFit Games is the most elite CrossFit athletes competing at the top of their sport! CrossFit at your local gym is everyday people coming together for an hour to exercise, have some fun, and push themselves to be the best they can possibly be! Class consists of a warm-up, a workout, and a cool-down!

Is every CrossFit gym the same?

No! CrossFit gyms are independently owned and operated and can run according to each owner’s own systems. At CrossFit Tuebor, we take pride in offering a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone is pushed to succeed at their own level of fitness. Additionally, our staff’s credentials rank us as the most elite in the Midwest.

I am thinking about joining CrossFit but am a little nervous about what to expect on my first day.

On your first day, you will be greeted by a coach who will be expecting you! You will be taken on a tour of the gym and given a description of how the class will run before it starts. You will join the class for the hour, but expect to have a little extra attention from your coach who will be making sure you know what you are doing in terms of movements and flow of the class.

Can I set up a time to meet with a coach 1:1, view the facility and ask questions prior to my first class?

You can absolutely schedule a time to meet with a coach to ask questions and see the facility. Email us at crossfittuebor@gmail.com to set up a time to come in!

Do current Crossfit Tuebor members have to pay an extra fee for Tuebor Bootcamp?

Nope! Tuebor Bootcamp is included if you currenlty pay for a monthly Crossfit Tuebor membership.

What is Ticker Training?

Ticker Training is the most personalized CrossFit training we can give you inside of a group setting! By training in your personal heart rate zones, you will have the ability to determine the best level of intensity for YOU! Through this individualized level of intensity while doing CrossFit, you will become and AEROBIC ANIMAL! Side effects include: Fat burning during exercise, improved sleep and higher energy levels.

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